Thursday, September 3, 2009

Do you Talk the Talk?

Recently I received this beautiful black and white photo of one of my Favourite
Vintage Models in the post! (click here to go to Photographers myspace to see all his work)

I'll let you into a secret, there are only 3 or 4 of these beautiful girls that, for my tastes,
really walk the walk and talk the talk, so to speak.

So, imagine my delight when Miss Amanda Lee and the photographer Doug Monce of the said photo, get together and shoot photos of my new gown, the Wicked Lady 1945!

This was just the kind of gown I'd imagine Margaret Lockwood and Patrica Roc to be slinking about in, whilst off the set!!! Designed it with Lockers, Pat, Amanda and myself in mind at the time!


  1. That is sooo pretty!

    The pics have come out so well too - very film noir, of course.

    (also... I like the tied sleeves cos it means I shouldn't have too much trouble getting my fat arms in it!)

  2. Hi Helen,

    Thanks for the most welcome comment!!

    Yes, the sleeves are great for all arm shapes and sizes!! I'm glad you appreciate my thinking!! xx

  3. I've made an account so I can actually leave comments for you much more easily lol !

    Have to say, though all your creations have been wonderful, this is my fav so far!!
    I love the sleeves like Helen mentioned, lovely for us bingo winged lasses!


  4. The dress is beautiful with such attention to detail like all your designs. Keep them coming!!
    B x

  5. Gorgeous, and what a perfect model!

  6. I love the Veronica Lake look of the first photo.


  7. These are so wonderful! If I hadn't known, I would have thought the were the real vintage thing-amazing work on all ends!

  8. Thank you, that's just what we were needing to hear! xx

  9. She is sucha stunning model. I really adore her.

    And i know what you mean, there are lots of "vintage models" that are not so vintage, in every day life and style.
    is so nice to see the ones who can really pull it off!