Thursday, June 24, 2010

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We've given the old blog some fresh blood, so hopefully she'll be ALIVE and KICKING!!

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

As the Mid-Atlantic region of the East Coast is currently experiencing blizzard-like conditions, it seems a good time to talk about warm and snuggly attire for being snowed-in this weekend!
As my Constant Readers are aware, I am never an advocate of sloppiness, no matter the weather or health conditions involved. Snowed-in on the weekend is no exception, especially when it’s the weekend before Valentine’s Day. So we’ll come up with some substitutes for the “sweats/PJs/ratty hair look” that will be sure to keep you warm, comfy and stylish.
First off, just because we’re trapped in the house does not mean that we don’t need to bathe/shower/wash our hair. Really. So do that first. And don’t just wad your hair up into a topknot. Do something with it. If you want to wear it up, by all means, wear it up-but put some thought into that up-do.
Since we’re bathing and doing our hair, we should do our regular toilette, just as for any other day. Moisturizer is key here, because we’re using a bit more heat and hopefully sitting by a roaring fire with loved ones. Both are very drying. Makeup can be a little subtle, but you at least need the basics: powder, mascara, lipstick.
The routine is similar to the “Sick with Style” routine. If you’re going to sit around in pajamas, and you aren’t sick, they really need to be cute-you don’t get a pass if you feel lazy. You can upgrade from PJs to nice leggings; something snuggly and sweet, cashmere and floral prints, etc. Vintage thermals are good, if you can find them. I like to pair them with the husband’s old-school Abercrombie Big Shirt and a tank. My feet are always cold, so I choose a pair of footie socks and then a pair of thick boot socks over them; heathered wool or cashmere from Anthropologie. Slipper socks are very Esther Williams in Duchess of Idaho. (Which is great for cold, snowy weather wardrobe inspiration!) I also advocate perfume, whether you’re going anywhere or not.
Classic movies are perfect for this: find ones that make the snowy weather seem romantic and fun. (Avoid films like The Shining.) The aforementioned Duchess of Idaho, The Man Who Came to Dinner, etc., are great for the weekend.  Or, if you don’t like the snow, watch something tropical and summery and dream about warmer weather!

Whatever you decide, remember that everything is better when you’re fresh and properly attired!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 Style Icons

Most fashion/style blogs have done a recap of the past year in Fashion, and Vintage Wear Daily is no exception. Our competition was tough, because there are fewer of us than there are of them!

Without further ado, our Best of the Best of 2009 Vintage Style!

1. Dita von Teese.

This one doesn't need any explanation. Hair, face, clothes, nails--all flawless. Every. Single. Time. No chipped polish, no torn clothing, no ratty hair. We love this girl. Dita's address is no secret.

2.Miss Amanda Lee

We've known and loved Amanda since way back when at the old Port Halcyon web site, so naturally she's on our list! Her look is authentic and feminine-perfect every time! Get yourselves over to her online gallery for more!

3. Fleur de Guerre

Fleur is a lovely girl from the UK who, we think, has nailed her Forties look! Fleur's online home is full of more fab photos!

4. Syd Divine

We can't remember how we stumbled across the gorgeous Syd, but we know we're glad we did! She's a perfect fit for our Style Icon list, don't you agree? You can find more at her site, hurry on over!

5. Ava Garter

Up-and-coming Burlesque artiste, and friend of Dita, Ava Garter has got something special. She's beautiful, talented and meets all our criteria for Vintage Style Icon! You can see for yourself how perfectly she fits!

Most of the Top Lists for modern style have 10, 20 or more, but we all know that the Vintage Style is a little more work and requires a little more than just buying off the rack! Our criteria is a bit more stiff, we demand authenticity and all-around Retrophile lifestyle. Not just a photo or two in a costume. Our Style Icons live it!  That's why our list is at Five this year...but who knows? Maybe next year there will be twice as many...maybe next year, it will include YOU!!