Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 Style Icons

Most fashion/style blogs have done a recap of the past year in Fashion, and Vintage Wear Daily is no exception. Our competition was tough, because there are fewer of us than there are of them!

Without further ado, our Best of the Best of 2009 Vintage Style!

1. Dita von Teese.

This one doesn't need any explanation. Hair, face, clothes, nails--all flawless. Every. Single. Time. No chipped polish, no torn clothing, no ratty hair. We love this girl. Dita's address is no secret.

2.Miss Amanda Lee

We've known and loved Amanda since way back when at the old Port Halcyon web site, so naturally she's on our list! Her look is authentic and feminine-perfect every time! Get yourselves over to her online gallery for more!

3. Fleur de Guerre

Fleur is a lovely girl from the UK who, we think, has nailed her Forties look! Fleur's online home is full of more fab photos!

4. Syd Divine

We can't remember how we stumbled across the gorgeous Syd, but we know we're glad we did! She's a perfect fit for our Style Icon list, don't you agree? You can find more at her site, hurry on over!

5. Ava Garter

Up-and-coming Burlesque artiste, and friend of Dita, Ava Garter has got something special. She's beautiful, talented and meets all our criteria for Vintage Style Icon! You can see for yourself how perfectly she fits!

Most of the Top Lists for modern style have 10, 20 or more, but we all know that the Vintage Style is a little more work and requires a little more than just buying off the rack! Our criteria is a bit more stiff, we demand authenticity and all-around Retrophile lifestyle. Not just a photo or two in a costume. Our Style Icons live it!  That's why our list is at Five this year...but who knows? Maybe next year there will be twice as many...maybe next year, it will include YOU!!


  1. Beautiful. I'll email you my address, my email is

  2. Lovely list, it is truly a work of art to embrace the lifestyle fully!I admire them for their style and dedication, Fleur is my all time fave! Happy New Year-
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  3. I agree with each and every one of your choices!

  4. Hope it includes me next year HAHAH :) that would be delightful!

  5. What a lovely roundup of stunning vintage ladies. Terrific idea for a post, honey!

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for your lovely comments this month. I apologize if it sometimes takes me a wee bit of time to return the visit and enjoy the delightful beauty and inspiration of your site. Please now that I always appreciate your visits and the thoughts you share with me so very much!

    Oodles of hugs & wishes of happiness,
    ♥ Jessica

  6. No worries, Jessica--real life gets in the way plenty, believe me! Stop by when you can!