Monday, June 29, 2009

Powder Compacts

Everyone likes a good prop. Extra points if it's particularly attractive and useful, in my book.

One of my favorites is a powder compact--the vintage variety. Years ago many different styles were available, some like the ones you see today in the drugstore, but others were made of precious metals and set with diamonds, turquoise, pearls, emeralds and more.

Clearly, the second variety is the way to go...but how can you refill it? I'll tell you how; make it yourself. It's easy, and even cheap.

Here's what you'll need:

*baby powder
*color powder (pink, peach, green, etc.)
*50% rubbing alcohol
*water or rosewater

Take a small amount of baby powder and mix in a pinch or three of colored powder. Pink or peach for a delicate color, a bit of green if you want to tone down a red get the picture.

Add 3 or 4 drops of glycerine and mix to a paste with rubbing alcohol and water or rosewater.

Pat this into the empty, clean powder section of your compact and smooth it in with wet fingers. Leave the cover open and allow it to dry, at least overnight.

Glycerine can be found in some drugstores. Rosewater is expensive in mainstream stores--look for it in mediterranean markets. You can find it there for under $4.00 per bottle. As for the colored powder, I suggest mineral makeup. It works very well.

If your pressed powder cracks, it's too dry. Add a bit more glycerine or less rubbing alcohol next time.


  1. Shame we can't make our own vintage-look compacts. Those of us who are craftily-impaired. Thank you for sharing the recipe Eileen. And I have a recipe for rosewater here if anyone wants to have a bash at making their own;

  2. Hello and thanks for following and I love your blog! Happy day, hon!