Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Being Sick, with Style


There are several ways to accomplish this, depending on your personal proclivities. I tend toward the Bombshell variety, so I can advise on that particular method quite well...

One of the most important elements in the whole thing, from the Bombshell perspective, is the clothing. Pajamas, of course, but not just anything will do. When you feel lousy, something filmy and flowing probably isn't going to be comfortable, but you can't go all-in for flannel, either. So, to keep your reputation in tact, some cute baby doll pajamas should do nicely for this time of year. Also, this is no time to forsake cosmetics. You can get away with less- some good powder (try MAC Mineralize), black mascara (waterproof), and lipstick. Plenty of moisturizer.


Next, you need a large bed. It's just better. You can stretch out, across, and still have space for the things you need next to you: pink princess phone, pink tissues, TV remote, lots of pillows and of course, the cats. They always know when I'm sick and they love it when it's Nap Time all day.


The night stand should also be close at hand, to hold books, the radio, various beverages and prescriptions, hand cream, pens & paper, and lip balm. I also keep my reading glasses and crossword puzzles handy, as well as a lamp. I don't like bright light when I'm sick.

Have all the good old classic films on DVD: I've spent the day with Doris Day & Rock Hudson/Cary Grant/David Niven. Of course, you can just watch whatever is on TV, but why leave it to chance?


Last, but certainly not least, a handsome hunk of a husband to check on you, buy you boxes of chocolates and bottles of bourbon, cook dinner and pat your head, and, most importantly, know when to leave you alone.



So, if you manage those things, you should be able to find some small joys in being sent to bed sick. I know I always do.


  1. I got all the other things down but where does a gal go to get a handsome hunk of a husband??

    *Wink wink* lucky girl!

  2. If you can make being sick stylish, can you do it with camping and no plumbing? Hmmm.....


  3. Haha such a fun and informative post!

  4. Thanks for the kind words!

    @Paige--give me a few days and let me see what I can do about camping!


  5. @Mary Deluxe--
    believe it or not, I found him on the Internets!!!

  6. I need to pay better attention to my sick style. I have been failing here. Wearing my Superman pj pants and a t-shirt. When I get chilly I throw on my Chris Isaak hoodie. Not a pretty picture by any means. Especially when I don't even brush my hair. Frightful!

  7. Lolita:that sounds like good snuggly sick style to me!