Sunday, November 1, 2009

Embracing my Inner-Brando

Ever since my Grandma Carol made me watch The Wild One on television when I was a child, I have been fascinated with classic movies and motorcycles. As I pursue my renewed interest in two-wheeled mayhem, I found something that combines two of my favorite loves. Cigars and motorcycles.


Sucker Punch Sally's (an Arizona based maker of custom choppers) has teamed with CAO cigars to produce a gorgeous chopper. Hand painted by resident virtuoso Sara Ray, the bike is a bobber throwback. It's a beautiful bike that I would love to take for a spin but you can't buy it for any price. You have to win it.

CAO is a top-notch cigar producer, making classic yet unique smokes. I am a longtime fan of CAO products, and encourage any cigar smoker to become one as well. I've admired Suckerpunch Sally's bikes and to see this collaboration is amazing for me. So check out the website to enter or just drool over the pics.


You can enter here. Even if you are not a motorcycle rider, the bike is a work of art. Check out the saddlebags made of beautiful hand-tooled leather. The artwork could have come from the turn of the last century.


If you are looking for a cool ride and you feel lucky, then enter for a crack at this bad bike.

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